Pet Doors Opening at Assisted Living Centers

This is an excellent article that I read at I know from first hand experience about the wonderful effect a cat can have on a person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. Just watching this effect can bring you joy and happiness.

Follow the link in the clip to read the entire article. It is a good read.
When the elderly woman first arrived at Brooke Grove Retirement Village in Sandy Spring,
Md., some of the staffers were skeptical when they saw she had brought her cat along.

The woman, in the early stages of dementia, "floated in and out," according to Jackie Carson, the assisted living administrator at Brooke Grove, a center specializing in Alzheimer's care.

Staffers had to help the woman remember to feed the cat, and some were initially resentful, saying their job was to care for people, not animals, she added.

But slowly, the staff came around, when they saw all the benefits that the cat conferred on the residents, Carson, a registered nurse, said.

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