Intel Receives FDA Market Clearance on In-Home Medical Device for Management of Health Conditions

This is an important new product and brings state of the art technology to patients that are chronically ill or in need of constant care giving.

I think this could become an important tool for caregivers. For those who must work it could certainly provide some piece of mind and allow them to keep their loved one at home rather then have them institutionalized.

As time goes on this new technology will likely come down in price and overall cost. With the cost of gasoline rising it might also replace some to the doctor visits.

The potential market for this device is huge, so if it is accepted in the marketplace it will become a valuable tool.

Here is a snippet from the press release. You can read more by following the link in the clip.
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Intel Corporation today announced the receipt of 510(k) market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Intel's personal health system, the Intel® Health Guide, a care management tool for healthcare professionals who manage patients with chronic conditions. The Intel Health Guide enables caregivers to provide their patients with more personalized care at home, while also engaging and empowering patients to take a more active and positive role in their own care.
The Intel Health Guide is a comprehensive solution, combining an in-home patient device, as well as an online interface allowing clinicians to monitor patients and remotely manage care.
The solution offers interactive tools for personalized care management and integrates vital sign collection, patient reminders, multimedia educational content and feedback and communications tools such as video conferencing and e-mail.
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