What Happened to the Italian Bread?

My mother can no longer cook an egg, but one thing she can still do is cook delicious spaghetti sauce. Go figure huh?

So today was the day to go to Mario’s in Delray Beach and pick up all the material for spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I may as well digress right here and mention the key to really delicious meatballs is a combination of hamburger, veal and pork all in the just right amounts. The good news, you can buy it already mixed at Mario’s.

They make fresh baked bread at Mario’s, so I went over to the bakery section to get an Italian Bread. The women told me they would be out in about five minutes. This caused an immediate Pavlovian response in my mouth. We waited and ended up with a nice hot, fresh, Italian bread in a paper bag. Yummy.

When we arrived home I divided up the giant Italian bread into three parts. One part was for tonight when we eat the ravioli with the sauce and meatballs.

As I was cooking the ravioli I looked for the Italian bread so that I could warm it up. I looked here and looked there and I finally even looked in the refrigerator. No Italian bread. Hmm. At this point my brain goes “boing” and I wonder to myself, did mom eat the Italian bread? So, I look in the garbage can and sure enough there is the empty wrapper I had placed it in.

Yes, she ate the whole thing. Fortunately, we also purchased a nice new rye bread and in this instance I can assure you something is better than nothing.

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