Socialization and Alzheimers Disease

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socialization and alzheimers disease

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Dotty and I would begin living our life as we always had.

I actually wrote those words on my da Vinci pad with about 50 circles around the words.

Then I went about the task of writing down the kinds of things we use to do, and the kinds of activities that Dotty enjoyed. I actually had to remind myself and make a list.

The first idea failed miserably. I started taking Dotty out to dinner at nice restaurants. It didn't work.

Imagine me trying to talk about the quality of the food, or any of the kinds of things you discuss over a nice night out. Dotty often sat there without saying a word.

In addition, she looked like she had been dipped in something that smelled bad. Me. I didn't enjoy the outing and I ended up with a sore stomach and full of angst and stress.

Soon I came up with a better idea. Sit outside at a bar where you could also order food. I already wrote about the good and the bad previously. And, about how I discovered what worked for us.

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