The Alzheimer's Caregiver Can Become the Patient

In some cases, adult-child caregivers with siblings feel resentful if they must bear the brunt of their parent's care ... If the adult-child caregiver is the only sibling living in the same city as the parent he or she often feels isolated, overwhelmed and under appreciated.

Previously I wrote, Where are the Alzheimer's Caregiver Helpers? 

The Alzheimer's caregiver can become the patient. I don't think this is well known by families of caregivers. 
Over the last few years I heard too many stories of caregivers going it alone while their family looks on. Patting the caregiver on the back while you sit on your butt is not enough. 

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that caregiving needs to be done in teams. Don't get me wrong here, I do know families that work together when someone becomes ill; but, this seems to be the exception rather then the rule. 
How else can you explain why more than 60 percent of stand alone Alzheimer's caregivers say they need help?