Connectedness and Attachment in Alzheimer's Care

Ever feel disconnected or detached from a person living with dementia? Disconnected from the deeply forgetful? Yes, I bet you do. So did I.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Connectedness and Attachment in Alzheimer's Care
One thing that disturbs me, disturbs me every time, is when I read in the comments section below articles that someone else's Alzheimer's patient is not like mine.
Generally this revolves around the idea that their Alzheimer's patient is mean; and as a result, what I suggest won't work for them.
Did you know that Dotty was meaner than a junkyard doberman pinscher when I first moved to Delray Beach to take care of her?
Dotty changed. She became sweeter than a Krispy Kreme donut. Many of you saw her and heard her right here on the Alzheimer's Reading Room in the videos and podcasts. Want to see Dotty in YouTube go here, look for the videos with her image on the start page.
Well, if my junkyard dog became sweeter than sugar why can't yours?
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