Idea Bags Alzheimer's

Sometimes you can come up with a great idea that will not only improve the life of a person living with dementia, it can also improve the attitude and life of the caregiver.

Idea Bags Alzheimer's

I just finished reading a terrific article that contains an idea for reducing dementia patient anxiety. 

The article, Bags of familiar objects help those with dementia to reduce anxiety, describes how you can put together a group of items in a cloth bag and how this can be used to redirect Alzheimer's patients, and as a result, reduce anxiety or agitation.

This reminded me of another article we published on the Alzheimer's Reading Room in 2010, A Shop for Mom. I just republished the article so you can look for it on the ARR home page or click the link to read it. I suggest you read that article. The approach might work for you, or it might give you a new caregiving idea.

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Can Rummage Bags Reduce Anxiety in Dementia Patients?

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