Mother's Day Without My Mom, Dotty

I really missed the remarks that I know Dotty would have made if she had been walking with me (or riding in the wheelchair). Dotty would have had something to say about the people, or the dogs, or the tattoos, or the flowers. Dotty always had observations all her own.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

My mother, Dotty, went to Heaven on May 25, 2012. This was my first Mother's Day without her.

To be honest last year's Mother's Day wasn't very good as Dotty was confined to bed and dying. I really don't remember much if anything about that day.

This year it was if the idea of Mother's Day just wouldn't stick in my mind. It just wouldn't stick. I didn't wake up thinking its Mother's Day like I did on Christmas day, or New Year's day, or Valentine's day.

I have Dotty here with me, so once I realized it was Mother's Day I did say, Happy Mother's Day Dotty.

Why was it that I couldn't seem to remember it was Mother's Day?

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