My Best Day as an Alzheimer's Caregiver

My mother, Dotty, didn't laugh or smile for two years. It was killing me. I couldn't get away from it. Just one look at her staring into space and it all came raining down on me.

By Bob DeMarco 
Alzheimer's Reading Room
June, 2011

I'm fortunate. I received a great education, learned how to do research, and I like to gobble up information. 

So when it came time to figure out Alzheimer's, what it is, and what I could do to best care for my mother, I was ready to go.

I am referring here mostly to science and scientific research. I made a very good decision early on. I put together a sophisticated alert system using Google, and then almost everything that had to do with Alzheimer's and dementia came pouring into my email box. Over time, I continue to improve my systems.

Many times, you get an article or research report and it leads you to investigate additional information. This is what happened to me and lead to what is really my best ever caregiver moment.

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