100 Reasons to Subscribe Alzheimers Reading Room

100 Reasons to Subscribe to the Alzheimer's Reading Room

“The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is clearly one of the most informative and unbiased Alzheimer’s blogs. Bob DeMarco provides information on all things Alzheimer’s. His blog covers the spectrum on Alzheimer’s issues, featuring everything from critical advice from someone who is on the front line caring for a loved one with the disease, to translating and reporting on the science and research that is leading the way to a cure. All of us in the Alzheimer’s community are fortunate that Bob has taken on this important work. At Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, we encourage people to follow the blog and rely on it ourselves to stay up to date and in touch.”

-- Tim Armour, President of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Your heartfelt sharing of your personal insights garnered as the sole caregiver of your mother Dottie has become a body of information and inspiration that every caregiver should embrace. Your realization that it was you that must change to be a successful caregiver is paramount among them. The useful way you've organized the website's information is remarkable, and the search tool makes it even more useful.

-- Jay Smith
As a professional serving the Alzheimer's Care community, it is imperative to have resources at my fingertips. The ARR gives me that and more. It touches every facet and touchstone of care. From the latest research to the most sensitive care issues. The ARR is more than a link, it is real life care. Dotty is a great teacher. Bravo Bob and the ARR. You and Dotty have come to the rescue.

-- P.K. Beville, Second Wind Dreams®
This is a powerful and touching story. You are noble both for finding and utilizing these poignantly human strategies that work but also for sharing what you have learned with so many who need what you have to give.
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