Branded Generic Aricept Price Drops 36 Percent

This is important news. Especially important for families that were unable to afford Aricept previously. This is also good news for those families using the combination of Aricept and Namenda. Please share.

Each day, on average, over 1,200 persons are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. By the end of May, branded generic Aricept will be affordable for a greater number of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
This new pricing is about $100 below the average pricing from last month.
The news on generic Aricept is going to get better soon. After the exclusivity period ends on May 25, the price of generic Aricept is expected to fall into the $50 - $75 area for a 30 day supply.
Second, this new pricing model for Aricept will make the combination of Namenda and Aricept more affordable for those who can benefit from this treatment.