The Alzheimer's Bus STOP

When they start telling you they want to go home, or they want to move somewhere, I am telling you now, if they are capable of wandering they are going to go for it.
Persons suffering from Alzheimer's go missing all the time. Even from nursing homes and hospitals.
Sound crazy? How about 78 year old Roger Mattoon who lived in Denver, Colorado. Roger walked down the street to the local bus. Took the bus to the Greyhound station. They found him wandering around aimlessly in San Diego, California three days later. Yes Roger suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Roger was discovered after he fell down, injured his head, and was rushed to the Hospital via ambulance. Fortunately, he had his Veterans Affairs identification card in his pocket and had been reported as missing.
Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer's Reading Room
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