Alzheimer's Reading Room: What if the person who has Alzheimer's disease doesn't remember who I am?

I recently posting an article about Living Alzheimer's from the Front Row. This refers to the millions of Alzheimer's caregivers that deal with Alzheimer's 24/7. My point is simple, unless you live it you really cannot imagine what it is like.
Knowing that the day is coming when they --won't know you-- is the most horrific feeling of them all.

I just finished reading an article at that discusses two issues: how Alzheimer's can present during the holiday season; and, what to do when they don't know you anymore. This is an interesting, helpful, thought provoking article.
Holiday reunions can be a time to check the well-being of older relatives
It's normal to feel sad, abandoned when a person forgets memories, loved ones
Remind person with memory issues who you are, rather than quizzing him or her
Engage the person in conversation and speak slowly

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