Maybe I Should Have Known

I became a CareGiver by accident. It all started back in late 2003...

after a series of strange occurrences by my mother. I guess I should have known when my mother ran her car over an abutment and scraped off the entire side of her car on a tree. Me, more than 1000 miles away, I was told the car was not that bad. Two days later and on the scene, I found out the car was totaled. Fortunately, my tiny five foot tall, 87 year old mother was just fine. At least that is what she and all the doctors told me. While I accepted it at the time I just knew something was not right. This is where the story about my mother begins and me. Later, I said to myself, "I should have known".

If somehow you found us, welcome. Please feel free to say 'hi". If you are a caregiver or if you believe you have something to add please feel free to do so. If you have comments make them.

This is our story.