Is Alzheimer's World an Irrational Place?

When you look at it from the eyes of a person who is deeply forgetful maybe you are the one who is irrational. Irrational in your expectations.

By Bob DeMarco
+Alzheimer's Reading Room 

Alzheimer's World

I think most people think and maybe even believe that a person living with dementia lives in an irrational world. Not me.

As a person becomes deeply forgetful many of the actions they perform seem to be irrational to those of us who believe we are living in a rational world. For purposes of this discussion lets call rational world -- Real World.

When we look at the actions of persons who are deeply forgetful from a real world perspective we tend to view their actions as irrational. Makes perfect sense.

When we look from this Real World perspective and try to make sense of what they are doing we often becomes confused, disconcerted, and often angry. Sometimes we feel sad, and sometimes we think and feel its hopeless.

Not me.