The Power of Positive Alzheimer's Caregiving

An eavesdropper might find our repetitive dialogue dull; I know it’s reassuring to my mother to have a response to every question or statement. I know if I listen to what Audrey is saying to me I can learn something new about our altered world.

By Pamela R. Kelley
March, 2010

View of Girdwood, Alaska
from Mt. Alyeska
Start living your life the way you always did.

We had such a lovely day, Audrey and me. Her respite caregiver called in sick, so we needed to seize the day. It would have been easy to stay at home, but a big, bright, warm sun beckoned.

Sure, it was only about 25 degrees outside. What could we expect for March in the north? What I proposed was a drive along the scenic byway that leads from Anchorage to the local ski resort in Girdwood, Alaska. Audrey was willing, and I knew that as soon as I had the car warmed up we would have 45 minutes to drive south and admire the mountains and the sea. Our postcard setting usually fosters contentment.

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