Alzheimer's Disease Sufferer Rides Tricycle 10 Miles On Belt Parkway in Brooklyn

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

James Lynch, an 89 year old suffering from Alzheimer's disease, caused a traffic jam in Brooklyn, NY yesterday.

Ever been on the opposite of a highway and then noticing that the problem is not on your side of the road -- its on the other side. Your side is all backed up because people cannot resist the temptation to "rubber neck". Yes, this often drives me crazy.

So imagine you see this:

For those of you familiar with the Belt Parkway (BQE) in Brooklyn-Queens, NY. Imagine this.

James Lynch, the 89 year old, took off from 118th Street in Rockaway Park at 8 AM. He was headed to Mass.

He actually pedaled over the Marine Parkway Bridge and along Flatbush Avenue to get onto the BQE. He pedaled more than 10 miles.

Here is any interesting tidbit. The cops had to wait for him to exit the Parkway before stopping him. He gave them his name and they located his family.

According to the original story on the New York Post, he was reunited with his family in a little over two hours.

He pedalled ten miles, they had to locate his family, and he was reunited in a little over two hours. Amazing.

As you know, I am a strong advocate for exercise for persons who have Alzheimer's disease.

James Lynch must be in excellent shape. Maybe we should consider making him the poster "man" for the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

I wonder if Dotty would peddle one of those tricycles? I did think of this years ago. Just imagine. Dotty pedaling along and me running along side.

Now that would be some serious exercise and an excellent YouTube video.

I wonder who makes those tricycles?

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